Monday, February 9, 2015

Late Apologies and Even Later Blog Post

It's been quite awhile, hasn't it?  I don't believe I've gone this long without a post while actively maintaining a blog, but that's life, I guess.  I've got loads to tell (the two of) you, which means that I need to get my butt in gear and write.

Life in Leeds has been going very well; classes keep me very busy, as does travel.  I've traveled to Africa--how cool is that?  I mean, I only visited one country, but I'm very interested in exploring more parts of the continent based on my brief vacation there.  I had a dear friend of mine visit me back in November, and we went on a wild and crazy tour of Edinburgh and London (well, not so wild and crazy, but it was fun!).  I visited Swansea in October, which is the Wales equivalent to the awkward middle child (right up there with Madrid).  I also spent a day in Saltaire, a world heritage site near Leeds with a pretty cool mill-turned-arts-center.  And, as far as musical ventures go, I've seen a bunch of cool acts and went to the opera for the first time in four and a half years.  Whoo!

There are many more adventures to recount, of course, and hopefully I can get myself motivated to cover everything in better detail.  Since I have a huuuuuge backlog of posts (yes, I'm planning to do detailed posts of almost everything since October of last year--'yikes, she's bonkers!'), I hope to churn out a whole lotta posts in a relatively short amount of time.  I figure I'd try this before my workload increases and I have a reasonable excuse to neglect this blog yet again.

But, yes; life is pretty great, and I'm having a good time here.  As a sort of reconciliation, here's a pic of a burger phone from a local antique shop near my flat.

Looks good enough to eat!
'Til next time!

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