Friday, October 17, 2014


I guess the older I get, the less reliable I am to write blog posts.  However, I'm still going to try my best to be semi-regular with this blog, even though discussing grad classes isn't the most exciting thing in the world.  (Today, we learned about FRICATIVES!)  (Actually, that is pretty interesting.)

So far, my classes continue to be pretty awesome.  I feel that I'm at least keeping my head above the water, and I spend a lot of my time at one of the university libraries studying and researching for my potential dissertation.  I've met with a potential dissertation supervisor, and she's among the top scholars in her field: second language acquisition and English language teaching.  I've also become the "student course representative" for my program, which pretty much means no else volunteered.  Still, it means I get to interact with classmates and faculty concerning students' thoughts on the program, which will then be addressed by said faculty.

I've also managed to have some fun while not studying--generally, being able go goof off with Adam by watching ridiculous movies like Hocus Pocus and going to Manchester to see Kishi Bashi perform.

Intense violin playing!  How wild we are.
If you've never experienced Kishi Bashi's music before, I highly recommend taking a gander at his NPR Tiny Desk Concert recording.

I've been making a couple of acquaintances in class, and I really like the fact that our program consists of a very wide variety of ethnicities.  I'm one of the few native English speakers in our class, which, to me, is very cool.

We'll be off to Swansea next weekend, so I'll have much more to talk about thereafter.  Today is chore day for me, so I'm taking it easy and soaking in the ever-unreliable warm sunshine while I can.


  1. Definitely will check out Kishi Bashi. And there will be pictures of Swansea, yesh?

  2. There will certainly be photos afterward, yesh. I've been told that most Welsh cities are ugly, but the Welsh countryside is gorgeous. We'll see, eh? At least our hostel faces the sea.